Stephen Pavlovich

CEO, Conversion.com

Stephen Pavlovich is the CEO of Conversion.com, the UK’s largest conversion optimisation agency. Working with clients like Citrix and the Guardian, they’ve optimised websites and apps, and tested pricing, functionality and new products.

Their clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 corporations. Across the US, UK and Europe, and have worked in diverse B2B and B2C industries, including SaaS, finance, travel, ecommerce, media, health, and gaming.

My sessions

Stephen Pavlovich: “Testing beyond the user journey”

Most experiments are focused on user experience – testing new copy, designs and layouts. But how can we apply the same principles of experimentation elsewhere – using it to improve product and pricing too? In this session, Stephen will share how you can apply an experimentation framework to any opportunity or challenge – and how […]


Speaker panel Q&A session, moderated by Manuel da Costa & Jo Turnbull

Panel to include Steven Pavlovich, Craig Sullivan and Paul Rouke. This is your opportunity to ask your questions on CRO and spark a debate!