Tim Stewart: “Test with intelligence”

How to give your optimisation projects an unfair advantage using data.

Learn how to structure your analytics and business intelligence data for maximum impact.

Testing is guesswork without data.
Data is nothing without action.
Action is nothing without results.
Results are nothing unless the right people know what it takes to get them

Practical examples of processes and tools you can use to establish your data-driven optimisation toolkit.

Considerations for developing a testing intelligence stack with free, cost effective or higher budget tools.

  • Analytics measurement planning
  • Working out what you need to measure and how to measure it
  • Data collection and collation
  • Extracting data, transforming data, loading data
  • Analysis & insight
  • Data science for beginners, asking useful questions of your data
  • Automation & scale
  • Make this repeatable, plan for growth
  • Presentation & stakeholder reporting
  • Reporting insight, action, results to the right people

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