Craig Sullivan: “We were promised Jetpacks”

Over 20 years of e-commerce should have brought us wonderful changes and yes, the internet is an amazing improvement on the early days.  We’ve moved to a multi-device and platform world now – often with more than one channel servicing thousands or millions of customers.  We have the technology to track people as they hear about an event, discuss it with friends, share it with others – throughout the entire lifecycle.  We can even measure when you come and use the event wifi and go home to share more content.  

There’s just one problem though.  The mobile experience sucks.  The customer experience sucks.  It’s broken.  It doesn’t work.  It’s too hard to use.  Nobody measures this happening.  So as good as they might look to us in our offices, the problem with many digital experiences is that we don’t care enough (yet) about what we’re doing or why it’s not working for our customers.

Prioritising your work using data and insight becomes as important as how you configure the tills at John Lewis – or how you measure customer satisfaction at Harrods.  The tools are now available for every company, large or small, to get input on everything they do online and make data with feedback power the customer experience (and bottom line).

Craig will share examples of good and bad practice on the mobile web, budget friendly tools along with some rapid methods and checklists you can use back at the office.  He’ll share how you can save time by not guessing – with having the certainty of knowing exactly what to do and where to start with your digital experience.

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