Stephen Kenwright: “Conversion is a ranking factor (and what to do about it)”

Optimising for search engines and optimising for conversions can’t exist in silos anymore – Google has developed a much more sophisticated understanding of how users are interacting with a website, so visitors that don’t convert and opt to go to a competitor site instead can damage the site’s visibility in organic rankings. Both SEO and CRO professionals should be equally interested in preventing users from bouncing and ideally turning them into customers – it’s vital for both channels.

This talk will explain some simple CRO tests (how to generate a hypothesis, implement a test and measure results) using search-focused metrics, not just conversions – aiming to answer:

  • Where does SEO fit into a CRO testing plan?
  • Where does CRO fit into the SEO landscape?
  • What metrics should both be worried about?
  • What are the results from getting it right?
  • How do I build a business case for CRO using SEO and vice versa?

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