Workshop 2: Lean Product Optimisation




In this workshop, Craig shares 12 years of his experience training, coaching and optimising ‘the art of CRO’ with the best Agencies and Practioners in the world. You’ll learn about improving the entire lifecycle of your product – from building the offering, team and methodology – to pitching, winning and delivering successful client engagements. 

Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your success rate, learn the smart shortcuts for designing a unique and successful CRO product.

This Course Will Teach You …
  • All the components you need to run a successful CRO function or agency
  • What people, processes, tools and methodologies you really need
  • How to win business with a credible offering in a competitive market
  • What stuff you need to find, prioritise and experiment with client opportunities
  • How to manage the entire client lifecycle from pitch and kickoff to long term value
  • What to avoid in producing another ‘me too’ CRO agency
This Course is Right for You if you are:
  • A CRO practitioner or freelancer 
  • Starting or running a CRO agency 
  • Expanding your agency to add CRO services
  • Building and Hiring a CRO team from scratch
  • Providing CRO services inside a large company